Thursday, May 1, 2014

Work in progress
Who/what is she looking at?
I have always been a fun of fairy tales, especially if girls and dragons are involved. :-) This character, a 12-13 year old girl, was originally started  as an illustration for a story, but as the authors of the book did not really like my sketches. We might not have spent enough time together. I think it is a very difficult to assess someone's ability based on one preliminary sketch. And I must add I am a slow type, an old fashioned artist who takes her time to do a little research, contemplates on the details, modifies her sketches composition until everything is singing. However disappointed I was with the outcome of the negotiations,
 meanwhile I fell in love with the basic concept and I decided to finish the picture anyway, changing the originally rather dramatic or horrifying scene to something humorous. what you can see here, is a small unfinished part of the girl only.

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