Thursday, October 11, 2018

Unique Norman Rockwell style Gift to retiring "captain".

Recently I got a very interesting commission from GA. A community employees wanted to say thank you to their retiring leader with a unique present.

Was it possible to change one of their favorite Norman Rockwell poster  and include their diverse colleagues?

The deadline was close so after a long telephone conversation I immediately started to work. I had to restore some parts and repaint others. Based on an old and small resolution photo of a print,  it took for a while. I also isolated the children in the foreground as they would be representing the employees proportions and positions needed to be adjusted.
 I got some references for the employees' faces from my client. Small accessories like logo and headphones needed to be incorporated into the final poster. We got a back and forth conversation and several reviews during the following week.
We hesitated for a while if Mr Schultz should be depicted with or without the helmet (a big C replaced captain America's wing) and eventually the majority of the office voted for keeping the helmet on.
I ended up repainting every bit of the poster and as a last touch applying some "distressed" textures over it to ensure the vintage look.

Final version of the Norman Rockwell art based poster.
BTW, I usually ask new clients how they found me and in this case was surprised to learn that they saw a piece titled Homage to Norman Rockwell, (see below) from me on Dribbble.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Illustrator Day at SanFrancisco Chronicle Books Organized by SCBWI.

San Francisco Chronicle Books' Headquarters in San Francisco 2nd street. On the top of the building level 4, there is a gorgeous view form this industrial building.

Everything is ready for the presentation. Several novelty books and books with die-cut, pop-up, flips, accordion, texture gold foil and other fancy things are displayed for browsing on the table.

Art Director Amelia Mack  and Design Director Jennifer Tolo Pierce are talking about novelty books  and books up to teens. They focus on enhanced interaction for readers.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Landscape paintings for travel journal

Bristle cone pines 

Lake Tahoe

Fireworks over Stinson Beach

Napa vineyards

Sailship in the Bay

Virginia City

Yosemite, Toulon Meadows

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Synchro Sisters Forever, Mermaid Dreams - Katie R reads form her book


Chloe is a ballerina. Sophia loves gymnastics. Jenna is on the swim team. However, what these three best friends love most of all is playing together at the local pool. One day they discover a unique sport that combines all of their passions — Synchronized Swimming! But when the novice team tryouts don’t go quite as planned, at least one girl is left wondering if they will ever really become “synchro sisters forever”.

SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING IS AN OLYMIC SPORT that empowers young athletes by building their minds, bodies, character and social skills. However, the lack of awarness and participation threaten this beautiful sport’s prospects in the U.S. That is why the end of this book includes resources the allow readers to find a nearby club, learn fun tricks, and meet real synchronized swimmers!

Buy a book here:

All poceeds from sales go directly to USA Synchro, the sport’s governing body. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Friday, November 11, 2016

Toto's Story, Chapter-book for 6-10 year old kids

Book cover and chapter-head illustrations for "Toto's Story, My Amazing Adventures with Dorothy in Oz" 

Based on L. Frank Baum’s classic tale, Toto tells us what really happened when he and Dorothy made that magical journey to Oz. Read all about the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion, and the Wicked Witch of the West…through Toto’s eyes.
Buy it on Steve Metzger's website  and also download 3 free coloring pages.
Or buy it on Amazon.